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    Date:24 November/2018 GT , canada
    Where r u leaving house/apartment?
    Favourite room Nd y
    Do want to change ur house in future?
    How often you use map?
    Which 1 is important electrical or paper map? How(you have to tell them difference)
    Do need help from some for finding a place?
    Do u wearing a watch? How often?
    Wts d importance of being on time?
    How do u feel if someone not coming on time?
    Wt r d positive points for being on time?
    Topic: you helped someone in work or study
    What is difference between friend Nd family member who r helping to you?
    Which 1 is important? Y
    How Grandparents can help you?
    What is quality required for being a leader?
    How’s important for doing as a team work?
    If you are doctor/engineer so how can u work as teamwork in that situation
    LRW is on 1 December hope fr d best
    God bless to all!

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