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    Write a letter complaining about a toy you ordered from a website. explain
    What was the toy?
    What was the complaint?
    What should the company do about it?
    Q2 Essay
    Do you think advertisements are beneficial for the viewers, explain with examples?
    About a website that a woman created during pregnancy. give topics to each paragraph, true-false and not-given, including are most users woman(didn’t say specifically but said that hundreds found teenage romances while number of users was in millions), when did site have max users, was it hard for jane to convince her husband, jane came to know that the site was working after she got an email from her classmates.
    Ads about various outdoor activities, with labelling. which activity will give something to drink, which activity involves going over water, which activity involves learning hiding techniques, which activity is for the youngest group?
    Listening Highlights
    1. included writing a phone number (said only once, 9 digits), name river lane. labeling different activities in a timetable.
    2. survey of shoppers for environment-friendly practices and practices that are pro and anti-environment.
    3. details about different markets in Philadelphia, best Philly food in the Italian market available in two locations.

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