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    Hi everyone.
    I just finished my IELTS today. – 10/27/18
    My speaking questions are the following:
    Part 1
    What is your name
    Where do you come from
    Do you study or work
    What is your work
    Where did you work before
    Painting mini topic
    Have you painted before
    What do you prefer pictures or paintings
    Do you want to be a model for painting of an artist
    Mini topic driving
    How often do you drive
    Is it an essential to learn (referring to driving)
    What is your longest drive
    part 2 (cue card)
    Describe a game that you played when you where a child
    Where do you usually play
    How do you play it
    With whom you play with
    Explain why you like that game
    Follow up questions:
    Do you want to play it again?
    Part3: still about playing of children
    Why is it important to let the children play
    Playing before and modern gaming, what is you opinion
    How important is winning
    What is the difference of winning alone and winning with the team

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