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    my test was on 27th september
    PART 1
    examiner asked where do you live d you study or work do you like your job do you like to spend time with your colgues or ur work y u think it is important tos pend time with your work instead of collegues do you like jeans how often you wean jeans do you wear jeans at ur workplace y people invest so much money on jeans what do you think y jeans are getting so much popular worldwide

    cue card:
    you watched a film recently and need to recommand your frineds 1-which was the movie and why you want your frind to watch it 2-what was in the film 3-do you like to see film again n y

    parts 3: what kind of films are liked in ur country t they like those movies y filmstar getting famous y new faces are arriving in t his do you think actors makes huge money but some says they dont how a filmmaker make so money r cinema increasing or decreasing at ur country y they r increasing do you like to watch movie in cinema y people prefere to watch movie in cinema is it good or bad do you think it helps to relive stress have you ever visited cinema n with whom…

    2 questions the examiner repeated after i answered them 1-y jeans are getting so popular arround the world? 2- y filmactrors geeting famous
    does it effect as i hv already told her my answers but they again ask the same question

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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