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    I just finished my test 3 hours ago.
    Academic test.
    Canberra, Australia.
    Part 1:
    What’s your name?
    What shall I call you?
    Work or study?
    Work environment?
    Do want make changes?
    Where is your work?
    Do your city have problems with traffic?
    Daily routine?
    Do you want to change it?
    Is it differ from earlier time?
    Do you use car for travel?
    The last time you used taxi?
    Part 2:
    The present you got you actually needed it.
    Who gave it . What your feelings.
    Part 3:
    How you caring about things you need?
    do shopping affect on economy and how?
    How do products harm environment? What is the responsibility?
    How advertising help economy and shopping?
    The concept of ownership with people?
    The attitude of people on some work positions?towards ownership.
    Task 1:
    2 pie charts for the percentage of forests over the world and the wood production in 2010.
    Task 2:
    People believe government should spend money for fast transportation means , while other believe that other important concerns as cost and environment should be considered. Discuss both sides and your opinion.

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