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    My speaking exam was held on 15.10.17 in Chandigarh , India.The examiner was a very serious kind of personality. He started with:
    * My full name
    *What i do
    *why do i like teaching(since i told him i was a teacher)
    *Do i think online lectures can replace live conventional class room teachers/one more question related to that.
    *Shall i want to continue teaching in future too,why/why not?
    * do i like sunshine,why?where do i want to go in sunshine?
    * In cue card: My most memorable English lesson,why/by whom/when and why did i like it and some following questions based on my answers.
    *Importance of language in teaching/Some common language for it and its importance,etc.
    One or two more questions related to this.
    The strange part was that he smiled rarely,nodded twice or thrice only.Most of the time he was very serious and expressionless,but i was not paying too much attention to that while answering.I didn’t know why he was like that and while i was answering he interrupted me on certain occasions for his next questions,which i found a bit strange too.May be that was due to time constraint or something else.Overall i think i have answered all his questions to the point with one question in last part which i found difficult to answer.As i didn’t understand it properly so i asked it again and i thought it was a bit difficult question to answer.
    I hope such questions are usually asked,so any suggestions.

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