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    Type: General Training
    Date: 10th Feb
    Location: Chennai, India
    Letter: Your friend invited you over for a meal. Write a letter and cover the following points:
    What you liked about the meal?
    How you felt meeting your friend’s family?
    Invite your friend over to your place and tell about transportation arrangements?
    Essay: Some people believe taxing the companies which cause industrial pollution is the best solution to curb pollution while others believe there are better ways of doing it. Discuss both points and give your opinion.
    Speaking: 11th Feb.
    How far from here do you live?
    Do you like the place and city you live in and why?
    Do you like gifts? which is last gift you received? why was it special? on what occasion people give gifts in your country? Was there a gift you received and you didn’t like and why?
    Do you listen to music while working or studying? and why/why not?
    do you download music from internet or you you buy CD. Why or why not?
    Do you think your taste in music would change in future? Why?
    2 min Question:
    Tell about a popular person?
    How do you know him?
    Where you find him?
    Why you think some kids are more popular than others in school?
    Why some teachers are more popular than others?
    Why you think many people want to be followers than being leaders?

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