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    General Test at Chennai
    Part 1:
    1. Where do you work?
    2. Do you get bored?
    3. What do you when you get bored?
    4. Were you getting bored when you were a child than now?
    5. Do you think maps are useful?
    6. Have you used physical map?
    7. Which do you think is better? Electronic map or physical map?
    Part 2:
    Tell about something which your friend has done that you wanted to.
    – What he has done?
    – When he has done?
    – Why you want to do that?
    Part 3:
    1. Why people want to do new things?
    2. Do old people want to do new things?
    3. Why old people do not want to do learn new things?
    4. What you think about having an ambition?
    5. Why should a child have ambition?
    6. Should schools encourage the child to have an ambition?

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