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    Today I had my IELTS speaking test, Chennai.
    Questions asked:
    Part 1:
    1) Where do you live?
    2) what are the outdoor activities currently available in your place?
    3) which is your favorite outdoor activity?
    4) what are the outdoor activities when you were a child?
    5) are you a long distance traveler?
    6) have you ever traveled in plane?
    7) do think you will be able to travel in future?
    8) do you think is it possible for you to travel in space in future?
    Cue card:
    Talk about a technology you are currently using ?
    1) what is it?
    2) when do you use it?
    3) why do you use it?
    4) what do you like in using it?
    1) how technology is affecting office users?
    2) do you think it makes the work easier?
    3) what is the technology you use other than computers in office?
    4) how has technology helped in society?

    I appeared for my speaking exam today but my nerves got better of me this time. I don’t know how I have performed.
    I have a doubt. I feel that I have been asked long list of questions in part 1. I have reduced posting some questions here as I am not able to recollect now. In part 2, i have talked about a fitness band considering it as a technology and now i feel that it is device and not a technology. How will that impact my score ?
    I spoke too fast

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