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    I had my speaking test on Jun 22nd in Chennai. I did pretty well this time as this is my 4th attempt of IELTS . I always end up getting 7.5 and I hope to get 8 this time in speaking. My only issue during the exam was that no matter of whatever I talk the examiner was having a strict face without expressions ..It hindered my string of thoughts in my head but I tired to manage…Hope she grades me reasonably. Also , is it true tat all speaking audio recordings of scores beyond 7.5 would be reviewed in London once again ?
    Below were the questions :
    Part I
    Do u work or study
    What is the type of work you do
    Do you think you need to work harder nowadays
    What do you generally do after getting back from work everyday
    Part 2 :
    Do u use public transport
    Why not you prefer using public transport
    Do you think current city public transport is well connect and does it need improvement
    Do you generally like to travel in bus
    Which is the longest journey you have taken
    Part 3:
    Describe a popular place for swimming
    You should say
    Where is it
    What is it like
    Who likes to go there
    Why is it popular
    Following questions were
    Do you think govt must aid sports facities in the city (something similar to this , cant remember exactly)
    Why is it important to involve kids in leisure and cultural activities
    Do you think current generation kids are more tied up to games on gadgets
    And couple of more .. cant remember…

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