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    I am a Chinese candidate.
    I take my LRW test today 20/1/2018 and speaking test at 1/17/2018.
    For the speaking test:
    Do you study or work?
    Do you make acquaintance while study?
    When do you study best in a day?
    Do you prefer electronic dictionary or normal dictionary?
    Do you want to be a writer of a dictionary?
    What do you think of the job of writing a dictionary?
    Describe a story that someone told you?
    Part 3
    What kinds of stories do you think is popular among young children?
    What kinds of stories do you think is popular among adult?
    Do you think everyone is a natural story teller?
    Do you think it is helpful when teaching children with story?
    Writing test
    Line graphs shows information about the number of visits from France and north America to the UK for holiday and business
    People are surrounded by advertisements. Some people think advertisement affect what their think is important and is negative influence their lives. Do you agree or disagree?

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