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    General training module:
    Test location : Coimbatore, India
    Date : 3/06/2018
    Speaking test:
    PART 1:
    1. Interesting places in my locality.
    2.Favourite wild animal
    3, Importance of zoo for children
    PART 2:
    Recent development in your city
    PART 3:
    1. Questions about public transportation system
    2. Importance of new developments in a city
    3. Old and new buildings in a city
    1. Write a letter to the someone who found and sent your driver licence which you have lost in a public place
    2. Many people move to foreign countries for their job. Children of their families are benefited by this, some people believe that this affects the children badly. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
    For speaking test, the test was over in just 10 mins. The interviewer interrupted me while i was answering to move on to next question. so, i felt quite tensed while answering them. However, i remember making some grammatical errors while talking. Will it have a bad impact on my score?

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