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    Hi All, I had my exam yesterday in British Council Colombo,
    Listening – 1-girl moving to new town
    2-man talking about camp in countryside
    3-dialog between two students regarding project
    4- some topic-pollution related
    Reading-It was hard for me,because I did not practice more.
    1-farming Sugar
    2-trade between Malaysia and Australia
    3-Examination conducted three group of monkeys
    Task 01-Pie chart and Bar chart about bottle water consumtion
    Task 02- Big companies use major sports events for promoting their products. Some people said that it is negative for sports in general, Are u agree or disagree

    I need to do my exam again because I am not sure about reading, I hope to book the exam on 21 October or 28 October. I am not sure booking exam on 21 will possible to good band for reading. Can we book the exam again while result are pending? Because I am not be able to wait until exam result release ,because I need to apply my visa before mid of November. Greatly appreciate your advice on this regards,
    Thank you once again.

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