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    30-09-2017 | IELTS General | Colombo
    *Call between a customer and a sales rep (I think) about a broken item
    *There was a part to mark a map
    *Another part was to fill in the blanks using a lecture about outdoor advertising (most difficult part )
    2) Reading
    *Heading match for different paragraphs about bus travel
    *Questions from a passage about postal service
    3) Writing
    *Letter was for something like- You moved out of home town last year for work and you are returning. Write a letter to a friend telling why are you returning, what are you going to do next and suggest a time / place to meet the friend
    *Essay was about school replacing exercise with academic subjects. What do you think and give reasons
    4) Speaking
    1) Birthdays – how do you celebrate, is it important to you, what are the important birthdays (ex: 16/18/21 etc…)
    2) Describe your house, do you like it, future house etc…
    3) Cue card – was about something you arrived early (event, where and what did you do while waiting)
    4) Discussion was on time management
    -is it important?
    -who manage time well (young / old)
    -how to teach time management

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