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    Hi, I had my IELTS exam yesterday.

    Speaking test
    Part 1 Do you work or study? Do you prefer to work in the morning or in the afternoon? What do you like about your job? When was the last time you bought a pen or pencil? Do you prefer to use pen or pencil? How would you feel if someone gifts you a pen?
    Part 2 You read a magazine or article on the internet about healthy living. -What it talked about specifically. -When you read the magazine/article. _What you learnt from it. Follow up question: Do you think articles about fitness are generally useful?
    Part 3 Do you think that people follow up what they read about health on articles? Do you think is easier to live a healthy lifestyle now? How do people keep fit in your country? Do you think health services should be free? Do you watch or listen to things that make you laugh? Do you think it’s important for you and your friends to laugh at the same kind of things? Do you make people laugh? When was the last time you found something really funny.

    Listening Conversation between a school customer rep and a parent. Conversation between a tutor and his students. Map of a resort. (Can’t remember what the last section was about)

    Reading Electricity consumption and meter reading. How to advertise a product. (Can’t remember what the third section was about) Long passage about Merkatas. (Animal)

    GT Writing
    task 1 A fiend of yours is visiting your region and has asked you to help arrange accommodation. Write a letter to him/her , in your letter – Give details of the accommodation. – What you think he should bring with him – Sightseeing places he could visit
    Task 2 Many students take part-time jobs while studying in the University. Is this a bad or good idea?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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