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    I had taken my exam today here in Dammam, KSA, four modules in just one day (too exhausted). Overall, I’m worried of my reading and writing exam. As expected, I struggled in matching headings while my writing seems lacking in word counts. But I make it sure that all required task must be answered. and to observe the structure.

    Listening – Quite easy except on diagram. The conversation was about a beach resort reservation. (I guess I perfectly answered 1 to 25)

    Reading – For 1 to 27 (I have high hope that I had only few mistakes)

    Writing Task 1. You heard that your friend need a job and you offered a job which you know that he/she will qualified. (I can’t remember the exact question)
    I were able to use several less common words and linking words. I answered all the task given.

    Writing Task 2 – Some people think that young children are better to be in nursery schools before primary schools. Others people think that it is better for the young children to with their families all day. (the wordings are not exactly the same)

    Speaking –
    Part 1. Do you live in a house or in apartment.
    Which room is your favorate
    Do you plan to transfer a house in the future?
    Cue card: Talk about a change of mind that you made recently. When? How? and the result.
    Part 3 – Most of the questions are related to change of mind.
    Which one you prefer? gradual change or rapid change?

    For speaking I could say that I aced this part. There were a lot of less common words came out from my mouth, such as. commanding view of the the sea, lush green forest, cultivated rice field, evolve, technological development, inevitable, intuition, financial matter, my apartment is just a stone throw away from the the fish market. etc. (I saw the hand of the examiner raising a thumbs up every time I hit a less common words)
    Looking forward to score Band 7 at minimum or else I have to retake.

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