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    Part 1
    1. Self introduction
    2.Do you work or study?
    3.What time of the day are you most comfortable working?
    4. How many hours of sleep do you think one should have?
    5.Do you think children need more hours of sleep than older people?
    6.Have you ever found yourself struggling to fall asleep?
    7.How often do you use dictionaries?
    8. Do you think it is interesting to write a dictionary?
    9. Do you think a dictionary would be a good gift to you or no?
    PART 2
    Cue card
    -Describe an outing that didn’t cost you a lot
    You must say
    1. Where you went and what you did?
    2.Why it didn’t cost you so much?
    3.What you enjoyed most about the outing
    Further questions
    -Do you think most people like to spend too much on outings?
    -Do you think many people can enjoy the free things surrounding them without needing to spend money on pleasurable things?
    -Do you think it is possible for to go on outings alone and be able to enjoy without being in the company of friends?
    PART 3
    1. Do you think young people can have more active outings compared to older people?
    (she did try to challenge my answer here, just like you cautioned)
    2.Do you think older people can have active outings as much as young people?

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