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    I am from portugal, but I am living in Darwin, Australia.
    I have done my Academic IELTS on 2nd of June.
    The examiner checked if I was doing General or Academic, so the questions were harder, I thought listening was similar for both…
    Are you working?
    What time of day do you work better?
    How many hours of sleep do you need?
    older people need more hours of sleep them younger?
    Do you often read newspaper? Why?
    Do you read newspapers online?
    Topic 2:
    The holiday of your dreams
    Part 3:
    What types of tourism most people enjoy doing in my country?
    What’s the difference between staying home or going traveling
    What benefits do employee have in taking holidays and travel?
    What benefits do employer have giving good conditions to employees go on holidays?
    Part 1: Two pie charts showing the percentage of electricity usage in different sectors.
    Part 2: International Tourism is a good business but can lead to “fights” instead of understanting between tourists and locals. To what extent do you agree/disagree.
    I can’t remember about reading and listening parts.

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