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    I appeared for my General Speaking Test on June 06 in Delhi.
    The questions were –
    Part 1 – where do you live, how far is it from here?
    – Let’s talk about jobs – have you ever been into a Part time or a Full time job?
    I answered I have never been into a part time job since beginning I’m working with the same organisation full time
    Then the question was Why?
    – What are the factors that people consider towards a good job? And since I answered about perception of people, different perspectives next question was
    – Do you think the perception of people change with age?
    Clue card –
    Talk about a good experience you had from a shop or a company, where it was, why you liked it?
    Part 3 –
    – Is it true that the shops or stores which have expensive products will offer better experience to its customers?
    – How does companies benefit by providing good services?
    – Apart from the skills and training you just mentioned, does companies need to make adjustments to products they offer?
    – Are people reluctant to visit the stores where their experiences are bad?
    I hope this will help others, my advice is to remain calm during the test (the anxiety would always be there), practice to speak with friends/family. Be confident, and during preparation once you believe that you can speak with confidence and without hesitation, try to learn/enhance your vocabulary.

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