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    Ielts General Training,
    Part 1: Are you studying or working?
    What do you study?
    Why you choosed this subject?
    Do you have friends at college?
    Do you read newspapers?
    Does someone in your family reads newspaper?
    Why do you read/ why you dont read?
    Have you ever read newspaper online?
    What did you read?
    Part 2 : Describe a situation when some visitors visited your place,how you felt,what all you did and what influence they left (something like that)
    Part 3 : Do you like visitors visiting your place?
    Have visiting become more formal now?
    Would you prefer staying at a Hotel or a friend’s place in a new city?
    What services does hotel provide these days?
    I did answer all questions well but I think I was speaking too much and she had to cut me in between by asking other questions. Also,when she asked me the second question “What do you study” I though she dint hear it first time when I said and I replied ” Marketing Management”. Later I realized that was a question she asked.
    Also, I was so excited that I picked up the paper and pencil as soon as she said we are going to begin part 2 and I will provide you pen and paper..She actually stopped me and asked me “Did you get it”.
    I dont know how. much this going to effect my score.
    All the best to others.

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