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    I had exam today at afternoon. I was emotionally excited so I don’t clearly remember the questions but the topic.
    center: FuturEd, Banani, Dhaka.
    Duration: 10 minutes
    1st Part
    a. My Name
    b. Two or three question on physical exercise
    c. My feelings about advertisment
    d. One advertisement I remember in my childhood
    2nd Part
    Que card on a day out
    a. When and where you went?
    b. Why you went there?
    c. Why it was enjoyable for you?
    3rd Part
    a. Where people usually go on a day out in your country?
    b. What is your experience on a day out and staying at home?
    There were two or more question, but I don’t remember clearly. sorry for that.
    But overall it wasn’t that difficult I thought it would be.

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