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    IELTS test 21 July 2018, Dhaka Bangladesh.
    Reading no 1 passage about VIKINGS ship in 11th century,
    Reading passage 2 about Mothersree (voice between mother and child)
    Reading passage 3 about Art and ipswich house.
    Writing task 1: Bar diagram describing solutions of global warming in 4 countries.
    Writing task 2: Some Psychologists say said Doing absolutely nothing at a time of the day is the best way to overcome stress. You agree or disagree to what extent?
    Speaking test say July 20.
    What’s your name,
    What do you do Study or Work?
    Why do you chose this job?
    In your childhood What you wanted to be?
    What do you think about giving cards to people?
    Do you think card will be replaced by emails?
    part 2:
    Describe an incident that made you so happy recently.
    Part 3: Happiness or money, what is important?

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