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    part 1-
    what’s ur name
    Do u work or study
    do have friends at ur workplace
    what outdoor activities do u do
    which activities did u like most when u were a kid
    Are there many advertisements these days.
    Can u remember any adverts when u were a child
    do u usually buy anything after seeing TV commercials
    do u like advertising products by celebrities
    Cue card-
    An activity u do with older family members in ur family
    -what’s the activity
    -how often do u do
    -how many days u have been doing for
    why it’s intersting to u?
    Follow up question- when did u do that activity last?
    Part 3 –
    what are the outdoor activities people usually do in ur country.
    do they go for family picnic these days?
    what’s the importance of such activities
    do people give enough time to their kids,why
    how they manage child care when they work outside
    Did both of the parents worked outside in the past
    what are the benefits of grandparents if they stay with their grandchildren?

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