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    Module: General Training
    Date: 29th Sept 2017
    Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Part 1:
    Please tell me your full name, and what should I call you.
    Do you work or study?
    Did you like your workplace?
    Tell me about a fruit you love?
    As a child, did you often eat fruit?
    Should fruit be part of a person’s regular diet?
    Tell me about a historical figure who inspired you.
    Tell me whether you learned about a historical figure from any film.
    Do you recall visiting any historical monument as a child?
    Part 2: Cue Card
    Describe a big company/organization where you live which employs a lot of people.
    -What is it?
    -How many people are employed?
    -What work does the company/organization focus on?
    And explain how you feel about the functioning of the company.
    Part 3:
    How can universities prepare their students so they get employed soon after graduation?
    How do you think the government can help the unemployed?
    And how can the benefits that you are referring to exactly help the unemployed?
    How can the society benefit from a full-time employed person?
    (I was asked 1 or 2 more Qs with respect to employment and unemployment, but can’t recall them now)

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