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    Sep 28, Academic(British council)
    Writing task1
    The table compares the consumption and production of potatoes in five areas in 2006.
    Consumption of potatoes(kg/person)
    South and Central America 23.6
    Africa 14.1
    N.America 57.9
    Europe 96.1
    Asia 25.8
    Production of potatoes in million tonnes
    South and Central America 15.6
    Africa 16.4
    N.America 24.7
    Europe 96.1
    Asia 131.2
    Task 2:
    Robots in house works and in work places.. Positive or negative development.
    1.pearl cultivation, warming,and 3.
    Living in a apartment or house,where,do u like it
    Do u read Magazines, which type
    Do young people read magazines
    Dream house
    Do u like celebrating birthdays, how it changed
    Which birthday is important in ur country
    Cue card:an idea you are planning to implement in the future
    Part 3:youngsters goal,are they ambitious, goals in youngsters wil change or not.

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