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    IELTS General
    24th June 2017
    Writing Task 1
    You ordered two items online, but when you received them they were different than what you have ordered. Write a letter to the manager telling him
    What you ordered
    How they are different from what you ordered
    What do you want from him
    Start your letter with
    Dear Sir/Madam
    Writing Task two
    Some countries give children a lot of homework at their free time.
    Do you think this is good or bad for the children?
    Give reasons and give relevant examples from your own experience.
    Listening had few tricky questions
    Some answers include: horse hair, stopwatch
    Then you have to pay attention if you should write them as a one word or two
    Other answers should be written in capital letters even though they are normal nouns, but in the listening they were names for teams or so. For example the word lead, it was supposed to be written Lead ( as it was a name of a team). There were three more questions the same way. Two or three words of plural like invitations.
    Two of the multiple choice questions were asking about reasons. One of the listening was explains an ancient game and a well known sports club. Curling on ice I suppose.
    It was relatively simple. The third passage was about London Bridge great fire. It was interesting.
    This is all what I remember from the test so far.
    Good Luck everyone and please wish me luck!
    All the best,

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