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    Part 0:
    Greetings, Name, ID Check
    Part 1:
    Do you work or study
    Do you like your workplace
    Why do you like your workplace
    what improvements you want at your workplace
    Do you go to cinema
    how often you went to cinema in childhood
    what are the changes in movies from then to now
    how often do you go to cinema these days
    why do you go to cinema
    do you go to cinema with friends or family
    why with family
    Part 2:
    Talk for 1-2 mins on : A recent talk/lecture you attended
    Where was the talk held
    Who delivered the talk
    Why the talk was interesting
    > Would you like to attend this talk again
    > What is the best way to listen to these talks
    > Do you think its good to remember later what was in the talk
    > Do you think its a good way to discuss with others regarding the talk
    > Why some people dont listen properly
    > Why listening is important : (I told examiner, its important as we have to score good in Ielts listening module, she started laughing, and said, no no, outside ielts, why its important), then i talked about importance of listening professional life and personal life

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