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    Dubai, 30th Sept 2017, Academic exam
    1- Vacuum cleaner problem report. Diana , address, Home tel, Exchange was not accepted. A replacement offered for a better specs version.
    2- Musical festival MCQ, new upgrades to this year festival. Part 2: A map for the festival and where can you locate the amenities.
    3- A discussion between two about some points require attention and updates in a research paper about planets and an app helps fishermen to return back safe in case of a local storm. Part A & Part B
    4- Outdoor advertisement: 1- It could be in different shapes, innovative billboard/ Advertisement. However, the misuse of outdoor ads.
    1- About 40,000 old baby mammoth.
    2- 2 ships wrecked into a sea stones of an island went missing. Dawn castaway.. Search wikipedia for Castaway, you will find the whole sotry…
    3- About the oscar/ movie award and how computerised images CGI became a vital part of the award. And how the CGI process is happening and when it’s better to use CGI. Plus writer recommendation for how to improve its usage in the future.
    1- Task 1: two graphs over each other, one for the unemployment rate and the other one for people leaving the country of Ireland between 1988 and 2008.
    2- Women take maternity leaves from their jobs, do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
    Speaking on 29th of Sept.
    1- About yourself.
    2- A historical figure you are influenced with
    3- A historical place you visited.
    Part two:
    Talk about a time when you arrived early and how did you feel about it and why did you arrive early…
    Part 3:
    Questions about time management and who has a better time management younger gen or older and why?
    Candy crush

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