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    1st of July was my academic computer based test
    I will start with writing since many find it difficult.
    My personal tips is to write both task 1 and 2 every day in one hour. I find that I need 22-25 min for task 1 I could not do it in shorter time. Task 2 in my opinion needs about 35 min. That’s my way at least
    Speaking was not a surprise
    Listening is were the problems begin
    Time for answer is almost the same is you listen to the audio so the key I use is to write short hand notes but even so time is short. I faced some difficulties with part 3 with the map directions the audio is playing and the speaker is explaing where different shops are located in the park you have to listen and see the map at the same time you have answer. Really no time for notes almost like a race.
    Part 4 was a bit easy but tricky.
    Reading was as expected one note to consider 1st passage is easy it takes about 15min. Second one a bit harder 20min will be enough. Last one is the hardest it needs 25 min or more. again the passage is written in a way that makes your mind feel lost.

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