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    Below are the questions that were asked in today’s speaking test
    Part 1
    Describe your house
    The best part of your house
    Impact of weather on mood
    Impact of weather on clothing choice
    Different types of climate in my country
    And some more questions about weather and climate
    Part 2
    Describe a favourite piece of clothing
    1. What is the item
    2. How often do you wear it
    3. Why do you like it
    Follow up question on whether my friends like the same item that I described.
    Part 3
    1. Designer clothes and brands and why they are popular
    2. Reasons behind the high price range of designer goods
    3. Fashion differences between the old and mew generation.
    4. Is it important for designers to be up to date with latest trends ?
    5. Do you think fashion is more important than clothing according to climatic conditions ?

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