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    Exam date: 10/28/2017
    Center: Florida,USA
    General test
    Reading – 4 passages. Last passage was lengthy based on evolution of calculator
    task 1 : write a letter to business visitor who visited your company to inform them someone on their team forgot their coat.
    – tell them how they enjoyed their visit
    – describe the coat and why do you think its one of their staff who forgot
    – how can you return it back
    Task 2 : Some people believe learning musical instruments is a waste of time, while other think its beneficial in many ways. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
    give some relevant examples from your experience or knowledge.
    For task 2, I missed reading relevant example clause, but I have mentioned few pointers like as per scientific study, learning instruments have benefits….
    another point as – it takes many years to ace the art of learning instrument.. as firstly, secondly. It could be interpreted as knowledge but I did not write ” for example”
    Also, how many points do they deduct for such mistakes?
    Speaking –
    what is your name?
    What do you do?
    Do you have to take training for your work?
    What qualifications are required ?
    Lets talk about boats – Do you like boats?
    – Do people in your country take boat as medium of transport?
    – would you like to own a boat?
    task2 –
    describe what did you learn in science when in high school
    how did you do your trainig
    how were your teachers
    would you chose science as a career
    task 3 – how do you regard people working in science?
    – what do you think of inventions?
    – Do you think there should be restrictions on scientific researches?
    – Do you think Govt should sponsor scientific researches?

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