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    Academic , Location -Georgia (country)
    My speaking session was held on 14th October
    Part 1: Do you study or work ? Where do you study ? Do you like your university ? why ? Do wish to change anything about your university ? How often do you listen to music ? What is the type of music you dislike ?Have you ever been to a live concert ? How often do you visit parks? when was the last time you went to park ? Would you like to change anything regarding open spaces ( something like that)?
    2. Remember an important decision somebody helped you to make, who was it,when did it happen, why was it important for you and how you felt about it
    3.Is it important to ask help when making decisions and why ? Which one is more important: asking help about private life or work ? What are decisions young children have to make ?Why is that some people find it more difficult than others to make decisions regarding private life such as getting married or having children ? Do you agree that every important decision should be made quickly ?
    I won’t post about my writing part because the topics from it have been already posted by someone else

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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