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    Hi All,
    General test – 30th June 2018 – Germany

    Section 1 – Nature reserve (form filling)
    Section 2 – Radiotalk – FM (multiple choice)
    Section 3 – Radio office plan and a research talk between 2 people (map labelling and multiple choice questions)
    Section 4 – Urban and Rural life – positive and negative aspects (sentence completion)

    Section 1 – Sydney transport – T/F/NG
    Section 2 – UK doctor visit – paragraph Matching
    Section 3 – interviewing Skills (sentence completion)
    Section 4 – Pepper talk (Heading matching/multiple choice/T-F-NG

    Task 1 – you have just read a book and found it useful. write a letter to your friend
    •tell her/him about the book
    •explain her/him why it is useful
    •suggest how he/she can have it
    Task 2 – Some people think that the best way to improve road safety is to lower the maximum speed limit. Others think that there are better alternative ways to do this.
    Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

    Part 1 – General topics about myself, work, holidays and money
    Part 2 – A recent occasion that made you happy
    Part 3 – All about money and happiness ( a lot of questions)
    Thank you once again! Cheers!

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