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    I took my IELTS academic LWR in Ghana today. Both topics for the writing tasks were questions I saw and tried on this website. I was on cloud nine! Your reading module tips got me completing the reading task well ahead of time. The listening bit was a bit difficult for me but on the whole I think I did marvelous.
    Speaking test
    Part 1
    Full name
    Email and text messages – my preference and reason
    Questions about overcrowding etc
    Part 2
    Something you bought but haven’t used
    When and where it was bought
    Why it was bought and why I never used it
    Part 3
    Follow up questions about shopping activities of males and females
    Advertising and the need for regulation
    Online shopping etc.
    Writing task 1
    Table about water utilization in four different countries; Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Canada and Egypt.
    Writing task 2
    Employers should focus on personal qualities over qualifications and experience when choosing someone for a job. To what extent do you agree with this?

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