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    Place :vadodara ,gujarat ,india (IDP)
    task 1
    Eight world region consumed bottled water in the year 1999 (pie-chart) and increase used of botteled water in the same region over the period of 1999 to 2001 (bar-chart) .
    task 2
    companies sponsor the major sport event for people (consumer ) some believe that this is a negative effect .
    What extent do you agree or disagree.
    listening :
    part: 1
    we received first -MCQ- instead of blanks , although we had blanks in latter part (part3 & 4) i wasn’t ready for that , test was went good though.
    part: 2 was mcq(again) and map
    Reading :
    (1)clean fuel (cholla and stove) provided in india and china
    (2)finger print (past on pot and befor (2-3)centuries on paintings (example of leonardo da vinchis painting
    (3)american advertisement revolutioner
    speaking test will be on 16/10/2017

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