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    Dear All,
    Ielts GT Speaking, 13th December, India (Gurgaon)
    1. what is your name?
    2. Do you work or study?
    3. Do you like your work?
    4. How was your first day at the office?
    5. Let’s talk about the cities. Do you like cities?
    6. Why people prefer to live cities?
    7. When did you last visit any city?
    8. Which city you would like to visit in future and why?
    Part-2 Cue card
    Describe a most talkative person. You should talk about
    1. where you meet this person
    2. How long you know this person
    3. How do you feel the first time you meet
    Quest: Do you generally speaks a lot?
    Part 3:
    Let’s talk about communication.
    1. Do you think that communication is important?
    2. Do you think presentation is more important than communication?
    3. What are the skills that make you good presenter?
    4. Does communication skills play a greater role in burgeoning?
    5. Do you think relationship is more important in burgeoning or communication?
    part 3 questions were quite unexpected. i have fingers crossed.

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