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    I gave my IELTS (General) on October 27th in Gurugram, India. Want to post a few observations:
    1. Listening Section
    There were a lot of recalls in the first set of questions on a topic related to registration for a swimming class. In the same section, the telephone number of participant’s parent was spoken out very fast.
    Subsequently, questions came in very quickly in a topic related to the publishing industry in Australia. Also, there was a MAP related question around orientation being given to new hires for a home decor store – this was easier. I think I was able to do well in this section – tip on keeping an eye on the next questions and preparing the questions came in real handy.

    2. Reading Section
    The section started with a set of small advertisements followed by questions related to identifying the adverts for relevant information being asked in the questions – these were easy to catch.
    Subsequently, there was a section on the Job description for the position of Media Assistant (Not sure if I remember the Job title correctly). Examinees were given a T/F/NG kind of question to respond. Although the section was straightforward one question puzzled me – the comprehension mentioned ‘the role requires ‘publishing’ training material for other employees – one of the questions asked if the JD required preparing documents – this was a classic example of very subtle paraphrasing.

    Long Comprehension consisted of a very good read on the famous Botanist ‘Douglas Fir’. The paragraph required a quick skim of the entire paragraph following which an examinee should have answered the last set of questions. I witnessed a new type of question here – How many times did Douglas Fir return to England – This required reading the entire para very carefully and identifying the trap where Douglas tried returning to England for the second time and almost got killed when his canoe met with an accident – there was no way an examinee could have gotten this right unless he read the paragraph with interest and in great detail!

    3. Writing Section
    Task 1: Letter to the editor asking for help in the address of a person who was recently covered in an article (the published person seems to be your childhood friend). Task expected user to ask for the address of the person, suggesting the Editor on how he could help the examinee in connecting with the published person and why would the examinee want to connect with the person)
    Task 2: People’s belief Essay on spending heavily on weddings and vice versa – discussing both views and giving your opinion.
    Spoken Exam: Scheulded to happen on the 30th of October.
    Thanks you so much for the wonderful resources on your Blog – Hope I get my desired score of all 8s in this attempt!

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