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    Hi there,
    I took the computer based test yesterday (23rd January).
    – fill in one word and/or a number
    – multiple choice (either choosing the correct answer or choosing one word and drag it to the gap)
    – saying where to find something on a map (e.g. bird colony: A, B, C, D)

    – choosing the right paragraph for a detailed information given (was it in A,B,C,D)
    – fill in words (one or two)
    – multiple choice (who said xyz)
    – true/false/not given

    Part 1: Two pie charts showing the energy forms used in Australia in 2008 and 2030.
    Part 2: In some countries, criminal trials are shown on television for the public. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

    – Describe the flat/house you live in
    – did you have running lessons in school
    – what was the longest distance you run
    – would you watch a running event on tv (why/why not)
    – which book did you read last about history
    – do you visit museums (why/why not)
    – do you like watching movies about historic events that are true (why/why not)

    Talk about a small company you know
    -what kind of a company is it
    -where do you know it from
    -what do they do
    -why do you think it is successful?

    Do you think it’s good to work in a family business?
    – should they hire their children over someone from the outside
    – what is a challenge in a family business
    – is it better to work for yourself or for a boss

    These are the questions as I remember them but some are missing and some were a bit different. It was the second time I took the test because I missed the band score I need in writing (7.0) by 0.5 last time. The first time, the IELTS was paper based, so I’m able to compare both… I prefer the computer based one, because I could concentrate better in the listening and in the writing part. It was really helpful to have the word count and the “personal” clock. The only thing was, that I prefer reading on a paper, but that’s a personal thing; you can adjust the size and/or colour if you wish.Unfortunately, I think I failed the writing part again because I was too panicky to fail it again… And to be honest: I do not like the advantages/disadvantages question.
    Best, L

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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