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    Hi, I did my speaking test this afternoon in Harare, Zimbabwe and these are the questions I received.
    Part 1
    What’s your name
    What do you do? working/Studying
    Why did you choose to pursue that area of study?
    Do you see yourself having a career in that field in the future?
    Part 2
    Describe an occasion you arrived at early
    You should say:
    What the occasion was.
    Where it took place.
    What made you arrive early
    What did you do in the time you had before it started.
    Part 3
    Topic: Time management
    Why do certain people fail to manage time?
    What time management strategies can people use to be more punctual?
    How do you feel about people who are not punctual?
    What do you think about technology and how it affects time management?
    Do you think people should spend any of their time doing nothing?
    These are the questions I remember, I’ve forgotten a few others but most of them I’ve written above. It helped that the examiner was very friendly and welcoming while smiling all the time. That really made me comfortable and more relaxed throughout the test, though I ran out of things to say in the second part because I really hadn’t any particular occasion I remembered so I just made everything up. I am doing my listening, reading and writing tomorrow.

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