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    I had my IELTS (GT) exam for Listening, Reading and Writing module today (30/9/2017) in Hayward (San Francisco), California and I will be having my Speaking test tomorrow in same centre.
    Q 1-10
    A lady is making a hotel reservations for her 5 membered family.
    Q 11-20
    A map about certain renovation shop and offers they provide to their customers and employees
    two students are discussing about their teaching internship program and giving feedback to the teachers.
    Lecture on difference between owning a car in Australia from 1940’s through 1990’s.
    Passage 1: Give appropriate heading to paragraphs based on topic ‘City Water Works’.
    Passage 2: True/False/Not given: Based on Services given Auckland city library.
    Passage 3: Blanks: topic is ‘Creating a suitable CV’.
    Passage 4: MCQ’s and blanks : Passage on the life of a couple who are experts (engineers) in mining ores.
    Task 1:
    Letter: Write a letter about a public event you attended recently and give a suggestion to the organizer for the improvement of event in future. In your letter:
    1. Describe the event.
    2. Explain how you enjoyed the event.
    3. What improvements do you recommend.
    Task 2:
    More and more companies are developing their production factories and head office in different countries. Do this development has more advantages or disadvantages?
    Give Reasons to your answer and include relevant examples .
    Good luck to all of you. Be confident and give your best in the exam.

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