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    – Part 1:
    1. Please tell me your full name.
    2. Where are you originally from?
    3. Do you work or study?
    4. Do you make friends in school?
    5. Would you prefer travelling in long distance?
    6. How often do you travel by plane?
    7. What is the optimal hour you need for sleep?
    8. Do you think the older people need less sleep than the younger people?
    – Part 2 (cue card):
    Describe a river, lake or area of water in your country:
    – where is it in your country
    – the area of it
    – how it looks like
    – Part 3:
    1. What kinds of water sports are popular in Hong Kong?
    2. Why are those water sports popular?
    3. Have you ever visited the Victoria Harbour?
    4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of water transportation?
    5. Do you know any cruises that go along river?
    6. Is there any boat or ferry that crosses river in Hong Kong or in China?

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