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    PART 1.
    – What is your name?
    – What should I call you?
    – Do you study or work?
    – What do you like about your job?
    – Has your work change over the years?
    – Do you work best in the morning or evening (why)?
    – Do you like pen/pencils?
    – In your school days which (pen/pencil) did you use?
    – Which (pen/pencil) are you using now. Why?
    – When last did you bought pencil/pen?
    – How will you feel if you are gifted with pen/pencil?

    PART 2.
    Describe a crowded place you had been to. You should say:
    – Where and when
    – With who
    – Why you went there
    – explain how you feel

    PART 3.
    -Which places are crowded in your home town and why?
    – How do feel in a crowded places?
    – How do people feel in a crowded places?
    -Do you like to visit a crowded place?
    -Now and before when are crowded places more/much and why?
    – What are the reason (s) people are more in the cities.



    More teenagers commit crimes these days? Why is this the case? How should they be punished?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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