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    Hi, 13th of December, Academic test, Hungary.
    Writing Task 1
    Two pictures about a university campus 10 years ago and now. We had to describe the changes according to the images. (I can recreate the pictures if needed)
    Writing Tas 2
    In some countries, young people are not only rich but live safer and healthier then others. However, they are not happy. Why do you thing this is and what can be done to prevent it? (I may not rember 100% but this was the core of the statement)
    – do you live in a flat or house
    -what is your favourite room
    -are you planing to move out somewhere else
    Talk about the difference that the first mobile phone you were given made on your life
    -when did you get it
    -who gave it to you
    -did you want it or not
    -do you still have the same phone
    -why we download apps,
    -can you say that a phone has it’s benefit without internet connection
    -will these kind of modern technology eradicate bussiness trips
    This is what I can recall. Can’t wait the results.

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