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    part 1
    Where r u frm?
    house or flat?
    do u like ur house?
    whats ur dream house like to be? (not exactly)
    when did u feel a beautiful sunshine and why?
    is sunshine useful or not?
    do u prefer a place with sunshine or not and why?
    Do u like ur bdays?
    wat do u do on ur bdays?
    which bdays are considered important in ur country?
    Im sry i didnt remember all exactly bt questions are like these only
    part 2
    describe a cake which made u feel special
    you should say
    1.what type of cake?
    3.y did u feel spl?
    part 3
    is celebrating an event necessary? y?
    what different type of foods are served in ur country on occasions?
    is money wasted on foods in these occasions?
    high amount of sugars nd fat foods are consuming now a days? ur opinion?
    is advertisements responsible? is banning them is a solution?
    is tax burden on these kind of foods makes less consume?

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