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    test: Hyderabad IDP
    Part 1:
    what’s your name?
    where is your hometown?
    what do you do? (student/work)
    do you like rains?
    how often it rains in your hometown?
    did it rain when you went out?
    do people like it when they go out for an important work?
    Part 2:
    a book you read
    what is it?
    how is it?
    what is the book about?
    did you find it exciting?
    Part 3:
    would you like to recommend the books to others?
    is it good to make movies taking the story from books?
    do you like to share the information with your friends which are from the book?
    is it good for old people to read books?
    why should they read it and what kind of books do they like to read?
    In your country, do most of the people like to read books?
    is gender matter to read books?
    it went well but at the end of the session while I reached the door to go out, I asked if the test went well? she sighed me to stay silence but i was loud, if it recorded, will this affect my score?
    Anyways my LRW is on tomorrow, wish me loads of luck !!!
    thank you <3

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