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    Academic# Hyderabad India
    Speaking 23/07/2018
    Where are you from ?
    Where do you live ?
    Why/how do you like your apartment/house ?
    What is your favorite room? Why ?
    Any future plans on moving to new house ?
    Did you visited any new places ? What was it ?
    How do you prepare when you plan for trip ?
    Did you ate other country food in childhood?
    Did you tried anything recently ?
    Do you think people like other countries food ?

    Cue card
    Talk about a person you know who is so talkative or talks a lot
    Who is he ? How the hel you know him ? How do you feel while talking to him ?

    2 questions on the talkative person
    Some children are silent and few are talkative why ?
    Where do they learn ? Who should tell them about expressing themselves? Is it good to talk a lot? And also being silent ?
    What qualities do you need when you are giving a presentation to people ?
    Why inter personal skills and commskills are important?
    Good and bad about communication between people.

    Writing 21/07/18 same place
    Some psychiatrists recommends to take a period of time to do nothing. Just nothing, in order to overcome stress we feel in daily life
    Do you agree or disagree.
    Thanks for your support.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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