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    Hyderabad, India.
    Conversation between two people about enquiry of a concert.
    Another recording was about cultivation of cotton.
    Task 1- This maps shows a particular area of a village in 1910 and in 2010.
    Task 2- The increasing crimes by young people can be solved by teaching parents good parenting.
    Section 1- about musical instruments and their history
    Section 2- about friendship and unity
    Section 3- about plants, fertilisers and its history
    Basic questions about yourself
    Do you like gardening?
    What do you know about plants?
    Do you have a garden in you house?
    If yes how do you maintain it?
    Why do you like plants?
    Cue card- Talk about a magazine you like to read.
    Why do you like it?
    what does it contain?
    What type of magazines are famous in India?
    What is the difference between magazines and newspapers?
    Do people prefer magazines or newspapers?
    Why are people attracted to follow news on electrical devices?
    It is said that, news provided by journalists are not accurate? What is your opinion?
    Why do you think the news is not accurate?
    Is publishing an article, an achievement for a journalist?
    Is journalist’s job difficult?
    Do journalists also have pressure?
    My LRW was on 28th and speaking was on 27th. These were the question i have been asked. I wish everyone ALL THE BEST and hope you do well in your IELTS exam.

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