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    Today I had my Speaking test.
    Speaking Test
    27 Oct 17
    Hyderabad, India
    Part 1:
    Are you studying or working?
    what you like much in your work?
    Do you want to continue with the same in future or will you change your current job?
    Questions related to sun shine and how it is useful to us?(3 to 4 questions)
    Questions related to history?
    Do you watch historical movies?
    Any historical place near to your town ?
    Do you like that place(I told yes) and question followed like why you liked, what you liked and few more questions related to history.
    Part 2: (Exact cue card i didn’t remember, but the question is almost as below)
    Describe a thing which you wanted to do when you were young and couldn’t did it
    what is that?
    why you did not able to do it?
    Are you planning to do it again?
    Part 3:
    Questions related to goals of youngsters
    Is setting a goal important in life?
    IS there a difference in goals of youngsters and adults?
    5 to 6 questions related to goals.
    Tomorrow is my LRW test. Please wish me Good luck.

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