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    I finished my speaking exam,
    Exam date:26-09-18
    PART 1
    1. Talk about hometown
    2. Living House or plat?
    3.Your favorite room?
    4. Talk about electrical maps and paper maps
    5. When you are using maps childhood?
    6. Why maps are important?
    PART 2
    Describe a building,
    Where is it?
    What’s your like,
    How it is useful,
    Another 2 questions are asking for this topic
    PART 3
    1. Talk about historical buildings in your city
    2. What are the facilities of office building?
    3. It is better to take historical buildings entry fee why/ why n’t?
    4. Who are developing historical buildings government or any other?
    My LRW exam on 29-09-18 but reading module
    Score is very low in my practice tests,
    Only I fear about reading module, I want to at least 6.5 band in Reading, please give any other tricks madam

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