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    section 1
    Full name
    Work or student
    What do you like about your job
    Do you want to continue in the same profession
    Do you like jewelry
    Which kind of jewelry do you like,why
    When do you like to where jewelry
    part 2
    describe a fruit/plant/tree grown in your country
    what is it
    where is it located
    what do u like or dislike about the plant
    and what is its importance in your country
    extension question
    do you like to grow plants
    what are the plants grown for food in your country
    do all people of your country grow food plants at home
    does people of different parts of your country grow different food plants
    problems faced by farmers
    do farmers like to continue in the agriculture industry
    does youth of your country like to take up agriculture as their profession
    do you think being polite is important
    what is politeness in your country
    who thought you to be polite
    to whom you have to be polite
    politeness change from past to present in your country

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